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August 22nd, 2006

10:32 pm - Query
ARGH! Just move home! Everything chaos! What do I do about the address change, just email it to you?
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July 8th, 2006

07:19 pm
I'm sorry everyone.

I had a family emergency, so that QuoteBook had been postponed. However I will be sending out instructions and the address you should send the QuoteBook too very soon!

Thank you all for waiting so patiently!

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June 7th, 2006

09:57 am
Sorry I haven't been around. Two jobs is driving me crazy, and we just found out my grandfather has cancer. But quotebook will go out soon. I want to do my pages before I send it out. I just have to find the time. I promise it will be my first priority.

Thank you for being patient!

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May 31st, 2006

09:51 am
Updated: May 31, 2006Collapse )

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12:06 am - Pre-Launch Information
Updated: May 31, 2006Collapse )

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